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Results of the CHI Workshop




This is the poster compiled out of the results of the workshop presented at CHI 2007.


Exertion Interfaces poster as JPG

Exertion Interfaces poster as PDF


Axes of the Exertion Interfaces space


distance - proximal

sport - non sport

competitive - non-competitive

individual - group

play - work

real space - virtual space

purpose: burning calories - increased immersion

thermogenesis - extreme exertion (ironman)

mobile - fixed

augmenting traditional activity - new invented activity

play - exercise

sedentary activity - active activity

young people - old people

giveaways - large installations

reflective - experiential

tiny interfaces - huge interfaces

cardio - strength

outdoors - indoors

marginally hard - too hard (cheating)

short bursts - sustained activity

integrated with normal life - external to normal life



Enabling technologies


computer vision

physiology sensors (heart rate ...)

force feedback

gesture recognition




pressure sensors

proximity sensors



Shortcomings / gaps / weaknesses in the research area


How do you evaluate exertion interfaces ?

How do you measure exertion / caloric burn ?

How do you measure caloric intake ?

How do you measure enjoyment / fun ?

How do you motivate physical activity ?


Tools for Theory, Metrics, Evaluation ?

Open to other disciplines ?

Excludes being productive ?

Do we want computers to enter our last computer-free domain ?

Flow ?

Is "Exertion Interfaces" the right name for the researcha area ?

Shold we include more ?

Fun = non-serious = non important ?

Integrated into life & out of way to play/exercise

Hard for some people/easy for others - can /should we accomodate this ?

Program to exercise (similar to children teaching, watching TV behavior)

Fidgeting uses calories too - we don't think to include this ?

Killer app ? Do we need one ?

Exposure missing

Expansion of field

Predicting platform for wide use

Lack of case studies

Do people get bored with it ?

Longitudinal studies missing ?

Is it just a novelty effect ?

Are we limiting ourselves to sensor technology ?

How do we go beyond gimmicks ?

Gesture recognition to infant ?

Gross motor input ?

Comparing EIs ?

If we target fun, how do we measure it ?

What makes a game engaging ?


Conferences / Journals to submit EI work to


CHI (Computer Human Interaction)




CSCW (Computer Supported Cooperative Work)

ICEC (International Conference on Entertainment Computing) (Shanghai September 2007) - deadline 8 May

INTETAIN (INtelligent TEchnologies for interactive enterTAINment) (Cancun January 2008)

AMIA (American Medical Informatics)

NASPSA (North American Society for the Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity)

American Diabetes Association

Disability conferences / tradeshows

Rehabilitation conferences




Social psychology in sport

Flow in sports (Jackson, Csikszentmihalyi)

Flow (Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi)


Future project ideas


Exertion password

Writing paper while running





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